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Unlike Chemin de Fer the position of the banker in Banque or Deux Tableaux Baccarat is not so variable. The objective of the game is the same - to form a hand as close to 9 as possible, but the difference is the banker�s position, which is given to the player who makes the highest bet. Each player then recieves six cards. Then the cards are turned over, and their values are summed. Players can either stand or draw. In Baccarat Banque, the players may wager on other players' hands, but never on the hand of the dealer.

There are a lot of view points about the appearance of Punto Banco in modern casinos. Punto Banco, originated from George Raft's Capri Casino in Havana, Cuba before Fidel Castro took over. In Las Vegas Punto Banco was brought by Tommy Renzoni in the late 1950s. Renzoni wrote that his game owed its roots to European "Chemin de Fer" via Argentina. He claimed that the night of the game's first modern American play, the Sands casino lost 0,000. In Italy the game of Baccarat appeared in the 1480s from a deck of tarot cards. If translate form Italian the word �baccarat� means �zero�, the game got the same name as the value of most cards is zero. Early Baccarat stories claim that the game is based on an old Etruscan ritual of the nine gods, who prayed to a blonde virgin on their tiptoes waiting for her to throw a nine-sided die. Her fate depended on the result of the die. In the case of 8 or 9 she became a priestess. If she threw a six or seven, she would be banned from any further religious activities. She would walk into the sea in the case of any other number rolled.
In the 1550s the game appeared in France, where it got its new name. Now it was called �Chemin de Fer�. The French people say that the game of Baccarat originated from France. Later the game of Baccarat moved from France to Argentina. Then it was played in casinos of Mar Del Plata.

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